Monday, November 15, 2010

elf Package

Today I got my package from elf cosmetics! I recently took advantage of their 25 cent shipping (even though their products are super duper cheap). I've never tried anything from elf before so I decided this would be a good opportunity.

I bought the items that I've seen people talk about in YouTube videos so I wouldn't be wasting my monies! Lol. The package was wrapped nicely and all the items were placed in a plastic drawstring bag. I ordered everything on the 9th and it came today on the 15th.

Eyeshadow Brush $1.00 & Blending Eye Brush $1.00  These brushes are very soft. I haven't tried them out yet but they feel very similar to some brushes that I have so I hope they work out okay! I will never pay $20 for one brush! 

Hypershine Gloss in Fairy $1.00  This gloss is alright. It's nothing special- but it was only a dollar lol. I had to use a lot of product to get this color. It looks pretty when they light hits it because it has the iridescent look to it. It doesn't really smell like anything but it does taste good :)

Studio Bronzer in Warm $3.00  The texture of this is soft and creamy. I was surprised to see how golden it was. I probably wont use this during the winter because I am so pale but I will definitely use it during the summer when I have a bit more color.

Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder $3.00 The texture of this is also soft and creamy. I think that these two color really compliment each other and would look nicely on lighter skin tones. 


I experimented with this nail design for the past two days and I really like it! I used Essie's Pearly White with China Glaze's Gold Medallion and OPI's Sparkle-icious from their new Burlesque collection.  I think I will do a tutorial for this soon.


  1. Jasmine
    Thats all really nice
    and prices; really good
    ı live in Turkey and when ı ask that name prices
    my mouth be big, its very expencive
    how ı can have thats cheap
    can you help me please?

  2. Try researching what brands ship internationally!