Saturday, April 23, 2011

OPI Nail Envy Review

My nails have always been a constant struggle. They are very brittle, peel, break, and look very unhealthy. I have tried everything you could think of to strengthen them but nothing worked!

Finally, I decided to try OPI's Nail Envy. Even though it was pricey (I got mine at Target for $16) I was willing to give it a shot since I've read good reviews on it on beauty websites and such.


DAY 1:

I was impressed with this product right away. It took about 2 minutes for one coat to fully dry. The texture is smooth and it smells less strong than a regular nail polish. The directions suggest reapplying one coat every other day.

DAY 4:

I noticed that my nails were growing faster than they usually did and were starting to get stronger.

DAY 7:

Before I started using the strengthener I could literally bend the tip of my nails but at this point they wouldn't budge. Normally my nails would start chipping and peeling at the tips when they got this long but there were none!

DAY 10:

After 10 days of using this I can say that I am fully impressed. My nails are so much stronger than they were. They look and FEEL healthier. It was definitely worth the money and I recommend this to everyone who wants stronger nails!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Neutrals

Hi everyone! I know I have been slacking on videos and blog posts recently. I've just been really busy with work and haven't had the energy to come up with anything worth filming or updating.

I finally got the Naked Palette last month! I was so excited when I got it and used it right away. 
I love all of the colors and textures. I'm bummed that the new ones don't come with the eyeliner though. I haven't used the brush that replaced the eyeliner yet haha.

I knew I wanted to come up with a look using this palette but wasn't sure what shadows I wanted to use. I experimented with a few different looks until I came up with this one. Spring is here and I know a lot of people think of pastels and bright colors but I wanted to do something different :)

Watch here to see how to achieve this look: